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The oozing personality of Vael, Neko has always dressed to impress but when brands stopped impressing he went out and made his own brand with the help of his younger brother and sister. Neko not only wanted to bring new and fresh clothes but wanted to create a culture around style, music, and nature.

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The jokester of Vael. Han keeps the people going by keeping things light. Han realized the style gap from Highschool to the workforce was massive. Everybody went from graphic tees to plain colored tees right out of school so he set out to create everyday clothing that you can standout in while still being comfortable.
Han is passionate about sports and music.

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Selah is the youth and energy of Vael. She brings a much needed point of view that allows all of us to calibrate. Selah excels at photography and designing. She is also a great musician and projects her positive mindset on the world. When Selah isn't working (hardly happens) she enjoys being with friends and family or staying home with her cats and watching netflix.

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